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We will introduce the main questions in a Q&A format.

~Before arrival~

Q: Regarding preparations in advance

A: Please prepare only the ingredients, firewood, charcoal, and fire starter. Other general items are included. For specific equipment, please see the bottom of each facility page. (Salt, pepper, soy sauce, and oil are provided as seasonings. Wrap, aluminum foil, and kitchen paper are not provided.)

If you are a beginner, I think it will be easier to start a fire if you use thinner firewood or coniferous wood.

Q: About check-in and check-out

A: Both are self-service. Please enter and leave the room at any time between check-in and check-out times.

There is a key box at the entrance. The key box number will be sent to you via message or email on the site immediately after your reservation (for sites that require separate payment, such as our website or ACO, immediately after payment). Please take out the key and enter the room. Please close the door when checking out and return the key to the key box.

Q: About the location

A: Please refer to the link below.

Outdoor private villa Kitakaruizawa I

Outdoor private villa Kita Karuizawa II

Gachinko BBQ Lodge Kita Karuizawa

Q: About bedding

A: If 7 people are using Outdoor Private Villa Kita-Karuizawa I or 5 people are using Outdoor Private Villa Kita-Karuizawa II, only one person should use the sofa bed in the living room.

Q: About recommended spots in the surrounding area

A: Please see the "Recommended spots in the area" page.

Q: About shopping stores

A: "Purchase stores" are summarized in Google Map links.

~After arrival~

Q: How should I dispose of garbage?

A: We have garbage bags installed. Please separate cans, bottles, and other two types and leave them at the entrance, etc. (We will clean up the firewood, charcoal, and ashes, so please leave them on the fire pit.)

Q: I want to brighten up my garden.

A: There is a light switch for the wooden deck on the wall next to the window in the living room, so please use it.

Q: I don't know how to light charcoal or firewood or how to use a tent sauna.

A: Please refer to the video from the link below.

How to light charcoal

How to light firewood

How to use tent sauna

Q: The drum bath does not heat up.

A: It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to boil, depending on the amount of water and heat.

Q: I want to smoke.

A: We apologize for the inconvenience, but smoking is prohibited indoors. It would be helpful if you could smoke in the garden.

Q: I want to use Wifi

A: Please enter the Wifi ID and password below. If wifi is not detected, the router is most likely unplugged. Please check the power outlet of your router.

・Outdoor Private Villa Kita Karuizawa I ⇒ Wifi ID: 40B89ABB64C9-5G, PASS: 2215082602105 (Router is next to the TV)

・Outdoor private villa Kita Karuizawa II ⇒ Wifi ID: aterm-53208c-a, PASS: 5382eedf74f5d (router is behind the sofa)

・Gachinko BBQ Lodge Kita Karuizawa ⇒ Wifi ID: rs500k-702195-1, PASS: 4286fc3cc48ea (The router is behind the shelf under the TV)

Q: The projector does not project well.

A: Wifi may not be connected. Check the connection status with the Wifi mark on the top right, and if it is not connected, turn on Wifi from the settings on the bottom left.

Q: What board games would you recommend for beginners?

A: The rules are introduced in the recommended board game introduction video. Please take a look if you like

Q: Regarding other than the above

A: Please feel free to contact the administrator (080-3737-7765,

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